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Steve Storm and the Tables of Doom

Steve Storm Steve Storm and the Tables of Doom is an inspirational new educational game, combining the popularity of playing games with the expertise and experience of NumberWorks'nWords maths tuition specialists.

To succeed in the game, student must collect pieces of the cog by completing individual times tables. All 9 pieces are needed to unlock the Temple of Knowledge!

Times tables are worked on one by one, starting with the 2x and working up through the 10x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 7x, 8x to the 9x tables. As one table is learnt and passed, it unlocks the next one.

Students are welcome to use strategies to work them out. Fun and rewards encourage memorisation so the tables become knowledge. Hints are available along the way if players are really stuck.

Final games are under time pressure to encourage speed of recall. These really challenge students to know their times tables.

Regular revision of all tables along the way ensures learnt tables are maintained.

Incorporated are extrinsic motivators with the use of points, levels and emeralds but the game is also intrinsically motivating. The Tables of Doom is fun to play for its own sake because of the sense of achievement.

Students are free to work on any level they have unlocked. Each level has its own environment and selection of activities.

Tables of Doom allows the student to practice their knowledge in an open environment with enough challenge and diversity to entice them to complete all nine levels.

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NumberWorks'nWords Arcade - the fun place to learn!

NumberWorks'nWords Arcade is a gallery Students of fun games for practising and consolidating Maths & English skills. Our newest game, Steve Storm and the Tables of Doom focuses on mastering the times tables in an environment that is engaging and stimulating without feeling like it is practice at all!

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