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Primary School tutoring

The attitude to getting a tutor for primary school students has changed in recent years. Once upon a time, getting a tutor for your child was a last resort – something you might organise only if a child is at or near the bottom of their class. But today’s parents know more about how children learn, so they’re taking a different approach to the question of tuition.

Consolidate learning and fix gaps

These days, primary school tutoring is seen as a way to consolidate learning and fix knowledge gaps, before they become big knowledge gaps. Contemporary parents understand that large classes, over-worked teachers and classroom dynamics, such as bullying, are factors that are detrimental to learning. A regular ‘top up’ of tuition picks up minor issues while they are still easily fixed and enables optimal performance at all times. It also keeps children’s confidence intact, which is hugely important during primary school years.

Extension that develops your child’s potential

Tutoring isn't only for knowledge gaps. Sometimes parents organise private tuition for children who love learning so much, they can’t get enough of it. If your child is excelling at school, or has a particular passion for maths or English, individualised tuition is a way to make sure their potential is fully developed. Enthusiasm for learning is a wonderful thing that should be embraced, which often means going beyond the classroom.

Personalised tutoring plan for each student

NumberWorks’nWords education experts create individualised primary school tuition programmes for Maths and English. Each child’s programme is different, guided by a comprehensive assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses.

This assessment is free of charge. Even if you don’t proceed with primary tutoring, you’ll find out more about your child’s abilities and needs. Book a free assessment now.

We make learning fun

One thing that all programmes have in common is fun; we know that tuition must be enjoyable if students are to succeed. Our experienced tutors use positive reinforcement, rewards and games to keep students smiling.

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