This could be the franchise opportunity you've been waiting for

New Zealand’s longest-established tutoring brand, NumberWorks’nWords, has launched a new part-time business model especially for places with a population of less than 30,000. This opportunity is for everywhere from Ahipara in the north to Bluff in the south, and all the towns in between. If you’re a primary or secondary teacher looking for a change, this is your chance to gain the lifestyle flexibility and income benefits of self-employment.

For a minimal investment you’ll have access to our world-acclaimed, curriculum-linked tutoring software, allowing you to deliver effective, individualised tutoring programmes in your own home or rented premises. Our software makes running a tutoring business easy; there are no lesson plans to prepare or resources to find. Tutoring sessions for up to four students can be run after school, on weekends and/or during school holidays. The more sessions you run, the more income you make.

Turn your teaching skills into a viable business and help Kiwi kids achieve their best. If you’re curious, call Tereza on 09 522 0800 or email

  • Discover the satisfaction of running your own business
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule that gives you more time with your family
  • Have the satisfaction of helping children but without the heavy workload of teaching
  • Escape from bureaucracy and be in control of your own destiny
  • Watch your profits rise steadily as growing demand increases your roll
  • Get your centre up and running quickly, with guidance, training and support from HQ