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The demand for quality tuition is growing. Students are concerned about 'keeping up' and parents increasingly want to develop their child's potential. You can make the most of this opportunity by owning a NumberWorks’nWords franchise. Our proven franchise model makes it easy to get a new centre up and running quickly. We may also have opportunities for you to purchase an existing centre.  


There are only two levels in the NumberWorks'nWords franchise structure: Headquarters and Franchisees (centres).

  • NumberWorks'nWords Headquarters is responsible for training, support, programme development and marketing.
  • NumberWorks'nWords Centres deliver tutoring programmes to students in their defined territory. They also organise local marketing, with guidance from Headquarters.


It's our policy to offer new franchisees a territory that can demographically support a NumberWorks'nWords centre. Depending on your preference, we will offer the territory that's closest to where you live or the territory that offers the most potential for success. With 30 years of experience and relevant demographic data, we're in a good position to provide advice that will help you to choose a location. Once agreed, your territory is exclusive and protected for the life of the franchise agreement.

Territories are always designed to be big enough to support a profitable centre.


We help to find a building that's suited to life as a NumberWorks'nWords centre. As part of the set-up process, we prepare a layout plan for your centre, provide advice about interior and exterior décor, design signage and organise furnishings.


Our management training programme covers all aspects of starting up and running a NumberWorks'nWords centre. Two weeks of intensive training before opening day will ensure you are fully equipped to successfully operate and manage your new business. In-centre assistance is also provided to support you during the start up and key times during the term. Ongoing training is provided to ensure that teaching quality is maintained.


Our marketing programme is very effective; we've had years to perfect it. Within your territory, we'll execute an advertising and communication plan that will ensure you build a strong student foundation. An ongoing advertising plan ensures continuing success.

We also provide you with ad templates that you can use for promising local advertising opportunities, such as school newsletters and community newspapers.

We are committed to digital media exposure, such as online advertising, website and Facebook. We also use traditional media advertising, particularly local papers, unaddressed mail and school channels.

Every NumberWorks'nWords centre has its own editable website, which lets you post news and information for students and helps to generate new students for your centre.


The all-inclusive cost of establishing a NumberWorks'nWords centre is approximately $70,000. This figure includes start-up costs, such as materials, support and initial training. Ongoing cost is 12.5% of turnover. There is no advertising levy.


We can provide cash flow projections for the first three years of operation. Returns are based on teaching during school terms. Holiday tuition can be added to improve returns. Because costs are fixed, profitability increases as the roll grows.

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