Case Studies

Centre owners tell their stories

Sonia Brocklehurst

From successful teacher to business-owning mum

Stressed by the ever-increasing responsibilities of full-time teaching at a Sydney boarding school, Sonia Brocklehurst knew it was time for a change. She began researching alternative careers and discovered NumberWorks’nWords.

After a quick check online, Sonia realised there were no NumberWorks’nWords franchises on the Northern Beaches where she’d grown up. She put in a website enquiry, Maurice Smith got in touch and the beginnings of a successful new career started falling into place.

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Charlotte Tait

Lifestyle change pays off

American trained, with endorsements to teach at all levels, Charlotte Tait had been working in the classroom for around 30 years. Eleven of those years were in New Zealand schools, the last of which was Chilton Saint James, a year 1 to 13 private school in Lower Hutt.

“Our school quite often referred students to NumberWorks’nWords. I even sent my daughter there as an extension student and she enjoyed it so much it took me by surprise. Then one day I saw an ad in the Gazette for the manager role at our local centre. I thought, ‘that’s my next step’.”

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Jo and Tony Nguyen

Fun, flexibility and financial freedom

With the birth of their first child, Jo and Tony Nguyen realised the Sydney corporate jobs they’d enjoyed for years were steadily losing their attraction. Jo was an organisational psychologist working in human resources and Tony was a qualified lawyer working as a business analyst.

They knew they wanted to start their own business; they just didn’t know what that business would be.

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