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Crimson is a leader in transformative education. We connect students with the brightest minds around the world to advance their trajectory towards world-class education and career opportunities.

Here is what Crimson students say...

“Crimson provided information about the UK university application process and a second opinion on my application essays. I was able to connect with someone based at the University of Oxford who I could have discussions about reading with while seeing a window into college life.”

Hope S

“Growing up in Hamilton, where very few students apply, I never thought Harvard or Stanford would be an option for me, but with determination, aspiration, and self-belief, it has become a reality. I could not be more excited."

Soumil S

“I think what they offered me, and what makes Crimson so unique, was leadership consulting. Up until that point I hadn't had much leadership experience... with Crimson's support, I organised a charity event for UNICEF.”

Jennifer W

A Snapshot of Our Services

We help students navigate and secure the best possible pathway for them, whether it be a top-ranked hospitality program or Applied Mathematics at Harvard University.

Our holistic, personalised tutoring and mentoring spans a range of fields, from sciences to languages and arts and specialist areas like debating and data science.

Leadership consulting and extracurricular mentoring

Academic tutoring in specific subjects and curriculums

Career planning and mentoring

AU / NZ / US / UK University admissions

Quick Facts


Secured scholarship funding for our students in 2016.


Accepted into Ivy League from NZ were Crimson students.


Expert tutors who have achieved: Top in the World in Cambridge AS English Language and in Arts and Design, Top Novice Debater in North American Chamionships and a Silver Medal at the International Biology Olympiad.


Academic admissions to Harvard and Stanford from NZ were Crimson students.

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