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“I love teaching. Always have. And when I see that spark of understanding on the face of a child I’m reminded why I got into the profession in the first place. To be honest though, the system was starting to get me down. I seemed to be spending more and more time with the paperwork, testing, reports, forms, assessments. It sapped by energy and took away from the love of the job for me. In the end that’s why I made a change.  A NumberWorks’nWords franchise fitted exactly what I was looking for.”

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Working for yourself is a rewarding experience, in more ways than one. You own a business, you’re in control of your own destiny and you’ve escaped from the red tape of educational bureaucracy. You also have the power to increase your income, simply by increasing your roll. 

Have more time for your family and other interests

When you’re operating an after-school tuition centre, most of the action happens at the end of the day. That means more flexibility to make time for family, friends and special interests. 

Get the satisfaction of teaching, without the heavy workload

Teaching is a joy, especially when you remove the endless marking, report writing and lesson preparation. Owning a NumberWorks’nWords education business is a way to continue with the enjoyable aspects of teaching, while also satisfying your entrepreneurial urges. There aren’t many business opportunities directly linked to teaching – this one hits the nail on the head.

Feel supported every step of the way

If you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of working for yourself, breathe a sigh of relief. While you’re getting your centre established, NumberWorks’nWords HQ are right by your side. From selecting your territory and finding the right premises to hiring tutors and attracting students, every step of the journey comes with expert help. And of course that support continues once you’re up and running.

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